BMI Calculator Wheels 

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BMI Calculators make ideal tools and promotional gifts for clients, health professionals, retailers and consultants.

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Our Body Mass Index Calculators are made of a high quality plastic with a clear hard wearing print.


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BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

  • Gives an indication of general health using a weight/height ratio
  • Useful for assessment of current and target BMI
  • Used in Hospitals, Surgeries, Gyms and Health Clubs
  • Comprises 2 discs. Available in Metric and Imperial versions
  • Actual Diameter: 108mm base disc, 76mm top disc
  • Quantities from as low as 100 printed with your logo
  • Smaller quantities with no logo are available from stock
Child BMI Calculator

Child BMI Calculator

  • Plots the potentially changing BMI in a growing child
  • Gives an indication of general health using a weight/height ratio
  • Used in Hospitals, Surgeries, Schools and Sports Clubs
  • Comprises 3 discs
  • Actual Diameter: 108mm middle disc, 95mm outer discs
  • Quantities from as low as 100 printed with your logo
Examples of Adult BMI Calculator Wheels printed with a logo and contact details    
BMI Calculator Wheels with logo BMI Calculator with company logo
BMI Calulator with Jenny Craig logo BMI Calulator wheel with Datascales company website

Article by Alan Jones

Why you should look after your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Our Body Mass Index should help us to determine our healthy weight range rather than follow the myth that there is an ‘ideal body weight’. The BMI is a height-weight ratio used by doctors to determine whether a person is of ‘normal’ weight or if they fall into the categories of overweight or obese. The BMI can be measured for adults and children of either gender.

The formula for measuring your BMI is, your weight (in kilos) divided by your height (in meters) squared or, your weight / your height squared. So jump on your weight scales, measure your height and the calculation is easy. Or a much more simple solution is to find one of the many free BMI Calculators on the net, or given away as a promotional product at a pharmacy.

It should be noted that Body Mass Index does not take into consideration our lean body mass. It is therefore quite conceivable for a normal well built, healthy person with a low body fat reading to be categorized as obese using the BMI formula. Two people with the same BMI may therefore have different body fat levels.  That is why you need to share this information with your family doctor.

Two key factors in improving your BMI and achieving weight loss goals are, eating healthy food and taking the appropriate exercise to suit your age and level of fitness. Like many other things in life, an exercise routine is great when we get into and can make it a habit, getting started is often the difficult part. You should therefore adopt an exercise method that suits you so that you can improve your general heath as well as help you burn fat and calories. Getting the right advice from a nutritionist and using a personal trainer to put you on the right path can be very beneficial.

There are many good reasons for looking after your body weight and fitness. The risk of many illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes can be greater if you are overweight. Keeping in shape as when you are young can also improve your chances of maintaining a healthy body weight as you get older. We also see a lot of reports on the problems of being underweight, this can affect many things from muscles and bones to harming the heart and kidneys. Moderation is the key to keeping the risk levels low, your BMI level can again be a helpful indicator.

Apart from the basic BMI Calculators which can be found on the net or at the pharmacy, there are many types of digital weight scales that can help you monitor your weight and also give a digital reading of BMI, body fat and other factors of your physical condition. From the simple bathroom scales designs to substantial waist high digital scales.

Healthy eating and exercise is a lot about routine and discipline, it can be quite a challenge to get started. Once an exercise is underway it is much easier to form a daily habit that will soon start to show well deserved results. If going to the gym is not your thing then excellent results can be obtained by taking expert advice and exercising at home or in the park, just do it.

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